The Bethlehem Museum is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the role
Palestinian Arab Christians play in preserving Palestine’s heritage, identity, and culture.


The vision of the museum is to increasing understanding of Palestinian Heritage, Culture and Art through the Palestinian Christian national experience, highlight the Palestinian people who are behind the Basilica of the Nativity and their role in preserving Christianity for over 2000 years, bringing the Palestinian treasures that have been scattered around the world back to Palestine and delivering prosperity and peace to the region.

Our Features

Initiating the Museum

Initiating the Museum   In October 1977, the Arab Women’s Union (AWU) bought the land which is located atthe northern entrance of Bethlehem near The Intercontinental Hotel Jaser Palace. In
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MUSEUM SECTIONS The Bethlehem Museum will be categorized into seven major sections: Roman Aqueduct, Christian Presence in the Holy Land, Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Palestinian Handcrafts, Bet
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Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Staff & Volunteers

Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Staff & Volunteers Through its Board of Directors, Advisory Board, staff, and volunteers, HCEF has at its disposal an extensive base of human resources from wh
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Bethlehem Museum News

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