Enjoy the traditional atmosphere, scrumptious Palestinian cuisine, cultural ambience , and classical Arabic music at our Al Karmeh Restaurant!

Al-Karmeh means “vineyard” in Arabic. Vineyards have a special place in Palestinian culture: they are a symbol of fertility, abundance, and prosperity.

After discovering and learning about Palestinian culture, it is finally time to taste it. What better place to debrief about your museum experience than over a traditional Arabic home-style meal?

You can also enjoy the best dishes from international cuisine thanks to our chef, Rami Hosh, from Bethlehem!

We would also love to celebrate with you important occasions such as engagements, birthday parties, business lunch, receptions and others.

By eating at our restaurant, you are not only supporting the Museum, but you are also contributing to ameliorate the effects of the high unemployment rate in Bethlehem.