The collections of the Bethlehem Museum will contribute to the museum’s research, exhibitions and programs. The collection, preservation and displaying of historical artifacts, documents and art will reflect the history, development and many aspects of the Arab Palestinian experience.This provides visitors with a more realistic and educational perspective of the Palestinian culture, history, and influence. The museum’s permanent collections will geographically represent all regions of Historical Palestine.


Artifacts and artwork will also reflect the historical and cultural links of Palestine to the Palestinian Diaspora. The changing of Palestinian culturedue to The Diaspora will be displayed via works of art, historical artifacts, costumes, photographs, moving images, archival documents, electronic data, audio recordings, books and manuscripts. Each section of the museum will accurately reflect semantic and symbolic gestures that convey the reality and history of the rich Palestinian values, concepts and inheritance. The antiquities, legacy, photos, paintings and signs of Avatar, which are all tools aimed at linking the history and legacy of Palestinian life, will testify to the struggle and perseverance of the Palestinian in the quest for freedom and fairness.