Roman Aqueduct


One of the Museum’s priceless treasures is a section of a 2000-year-old Roman aqueduct that was used to transport water from Hebron to Jerusalem. This is the only segment of the aqueduct on public display, and it can be appreciated throughout the museum. We are proud to preserve and display an artifact of such historical importance for Palestine and its history. The museum also displays artifacts dating back to the Canaanite and Roman eras from the collection of the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.



Rare embroidery pieces, old jewelry items, and unique traditional costumes from different regions in Palestine have been brought back to Bethlehem. These priceless samples of our heritage and culture belong to the collection of Hanan and Farah Munayyer – the Palestine Heritage Foundation.

Olive Wood


The Museum showcases diverse olive wood carvings carefully crafted by different generations of artists from the same family, the Zacharia family from Ein Karem.

Mother of Pearl


An authentic Bethlehemite art, antique and intricate pieces of mother of pearl religious items are featured from the collections of the Micheal Freij and the Hanania families.



This exhibit features traditional Byzantine icons produced by renowned Palestinian artist Johnny Adonieh.



Photographs and Paintings

A series of original pictures from the 18th and 19th century and belonging to the collection of the AWU, portray important occasions and daily life of families in Palestine. Oil paintings in this exhibit belong to the collection of the Sansur family and allow one to appreciate the influence of foreign artists in Palestine.



Stone objects documenting the existence of Christians in Palestine for many generations are on display from the collection of Akram Anastas.

Other items were provided by the AWU, Housh Family, and HCEF.

Palestinian Surprises


The Palestinian Surprises exhibit is one you won’t find anywhere else in Palestine. This unique exhibit highlights the achievement of Palestinians from all walks of life and their contribution to the respective countries they live in around the world. Palestinian Surprises is a project of the Know Thy Heritage Leadership Program which empowers youth in the diaspora. This section honors the great Said Khoury who dedicated his life to Palestine.