1The delegation discussing the origins of the Bible

Bethlehem, Palestine – On December 12th, 2015, 17 delegates from The Creative Cultural Forum visited the Bethlehem Museum. The delegation consisted of Palestinian and Jordanian poets and writers participating in the opening of the 9th annual Jerusalem Festival for Poetry, Literature, and Arts.

2One of the delegates telling the story of Saint George (Al-Khader)

The delegation was happy to visit the Bethlehem Museum, commenting on how fascinated they were by the exhibits. The delegates were mesmerized by the beauty of Saint George’s portrait (Al-Khader), a prominent figure in both Christianity and Islam. Upon viewing the portrait, one of the delegates was reminded of the story of the four prophets who, according to Islam, are believed to still be alive. These prophets are Issa (Jesus), who is believed to be alive in heaven, George (Al-Khader), who is believed to be alive, continually making the journey between Al-Aqsa Mosque and Mecca, Elias (Elijah), and Idris (Enoch).

3The delegation enjoying baked sweets and soft-drinks in the gallery

At the end of their visit, the delegation enjoyed refreshments in the gallery. Although their visit was brief due to their full schedule, they expressed how grateful they were to have visited the Museum, and that regretted they did not have more time to explore the vast array of exhibits.

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