On November 24, 2016, Bethlehem Museum had the privilege of honoring Bethlehem’s beloved son, artist, and photographer, Mr. Maurice Mikel, during a ceremony in which it opened artist Fadwa Rohana’s exhibit, “Walking the Edge of Nostalgia.” Throughout his artistic career, Mr. Mikel has contributed deeply to the social, cultural, religious and historical fabric of Palestine, and especially to that of his hometown, Bethlehem, were his art is well known and well-respected. As a cultural institution, Bethlehem Museum is dedicated to highlighting the important role that Palestinian artists play in preserving and building the cultural and artistic identity of Palestine and its people, and was honored to be able to recognize the talent and creativity of its local artists.
In its sixth exhibition this year, Bethlehem Museum is proud to be featuring a Galilean artist, Ms. Fadwa Rohana, from the Palestinian village of Isfiya Carmel. Ms. Rohana’s exhibition depicts the daily experiences of the Palestinian condition with beauty, respect and a sincere desire to communicate truth. Every photograph speaks a thousand words, with images that at once revive our collective memory and salute the beauty and resilience of our land, our people, and our identity. The exhibition, which includes twenty-five photographs, is free and open to the public through December 15th, 2016.
Bethlehem Museum would like to thank Mr. Hisham Abu Laban, Owner and General Manager of Al Ghadeer Pure Drinking Water for his partnership in supporting Bethlehem Museum’s arts and culture programming.