On January 10th, Bethlehem Museum welcomed a delegation from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education/Bethlehem Directorate to expand cooperation between Bethlehem Museum and local schools. Mr. Sami Marwa, the Ministry’s Director emphasized that Bethlehem Museum carries forward a crucial mission for the times, educating local and international communities alike about Palestine’s diverse cultural heritage, history and identity in a historical moment which seeks to erase it.
Mr. Marwa stressed the importance of sending public and private school students to experience Bethlehem Museum, and commended the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF) and the Arab Women’s Union of Bethlehem (AAWU) for their efforts to safeguard and spread the message of Palestine and her people. Mr. Marwa, who was accompanied by Ms. Kholoud Dras, Head of Public Relations and Media, as well as various Bethlehem school principals, stressed that the Ministry (led by His Excellency Dr. Sabri Saydam) remains committed to supporting the Museum’s mission to educate and engage the next generation of Palestinian leaders.
In February, Bethlehem Museum will celebrate its two-year anniversary. Despite facing many challenges, the museum has continually grown and evolved to better promote the spirit and identity of the Palestinian people. HCEF Regional Director, Anthony Habash emphasized that as an institution founded by the people and for the people, the Museum’s continued growth will depend upon the support of the local community—through the contributions of institutions and individuals committed to telling the story of everyday Palestinians. Mr. Habash stressed that Bethlehem Museum is not simply a building housing historical artifacts, but rather, represents a uniquely Palestinian take on the region’s history and future. Mr. Habash, commented that, like the roots of the olive tree, the museum is founded upon and nourished by the deeply held ideals that make Palestine a resilient and steadfast nation, and we must each personally invest in its success.